About us


i am Philippe and I am from Mauritius, a little pearl placed in the Indian Ocean all over there!

Many of you now know this island.

After a career spent in computing, I decided to re-orient myself to a passion that I have been maintaining for a long time now, cooking.

We live in an era where everything is accelerating and unfortunately we do not have enough time to indulge ourselves with good food prepared with healthy ingredients.

There is a growing number of Blogs on the Net that already share the secret of preparing various and varied recipes.

Unfortunately, the time factor is still an important element and despite our good intentions, we still do not manage to free ourselves from the time to get to the stove.

From this observation, I decided to make you discover for some or rediscover for others different dishes Mauritians packaged in glass jar and sterilized for long conservation.

I propose the possibility of purchase through this site with delivery following different shipping method of my products.

Philippe Jomain

The Mauritian Jars